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27.01.2017 07:28
Vancouver Food

Founded in 2008, Chinese Restaurant Awards are the longest-running Chinese culinary event in Metro Vancouver. They are rooted in two challenging yet humble goals: to raise the public’s awareness of quality Chinese cuisine available in Metro Vancouver and to create a platform for cross-cultural culinary exchange.

Today, the Awards are considered the authority on Chinese food, serving as a restaurant and dining guide for local and visiting food lovers. They are divided into three components: Critics’ Choice Signature Dish Awards (awarded by a panel of distinguished food writers and industry influencers), Social Media Choice Awards (formerly “Food Bloggers’ Choice Awards”, awarded by a panel of top-ranking foodie pro-social media members), and the publicly chosen Diner’s Choice Awards. In 2013 & 2014, Greater Toronto, another hub for Chinese food, was selected to be part of the Awards.

The team behind the Chinese Restaurant Awards consists of food, media, and marketing professionals who are Chinese food enthusiasts with a strong passion for promoting regional Chinese cuisine in North America. During the past eight years, the team has achieved many milestones, bringing the public exciting culinary events such as the Signature Dish Dining Festival (the first Chinese dining festivities in Metro Vancouver), Chinese Master Chefs Gold Medal Dinner, and Chinese Restaurant Awards Scholarship.

Chinese Master Chefs

Skillful, creative, and passionate, these are some of the qualities of a great chef. Yet, gaining the title of a master requires so much more. The Chinese Restaurant Awards created the Chinese Master Chefs program to honor talented chefs who not only have achieved success in their own rights, but also value traditions and blaze a trail for many aspiring young chefs in the Chinese culinary industry. Through this program, the public can learn about the Masters’ culinary journeys and their creative use of Canadian freshest ingredients.


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